Saturday, January 22, 2011

Look at lil' ol' Missoula making a big splash with their marathon

So... I am wicked cool and decided to stay in and watch some TV.  I figured I would cruise around the superhighway for tips and things on Triathlons and Marathons.  I found an article in Runners World that listed the Top Marathon Superlatives.  Most scenic, most fun, most efficient, etc. 

Well I'll be a "fly fisherman's rig on winter's day at the base of the M" if the Missoula Marathon did win a pretty big honor.  Way to go Mrs. Gorilla Man.  Go griz.

Marathon Guide 2010

No one knows races better than the people who run them—you. So we asked which races you love? Read on to find out. By Michelle Hamilton From the January 2010 issue of Runner's World

BEST OVERALL: Missoula Marathon
Missoula, Montana, July 11

Missoula? This race may not have the name recognition of marathons like New York City or Big Sur, but if our survey respondents have their way, it will. They say this event has everything going for it, from scenery and price ($85 max) to attention to detail. The point-to-point course takes the field of 2,300 (half, full, and relay) from the west to the heart of this university town, past mountains, the Clark Fork River, and forests. Runners appreciated starting temps in the low 50s, as well as a different starting area for half-marathoners, free public transportation the day before the race, and free finisher's photos at the postrace party. The town puts out a warm reception, with signs welcoming runners and residents cheering them on. There's a nice spread at the finish that includes pasta salad, watermelon, and frozen juice bars. Missoula also boasts green touches like cloth goody bags and shirts made from bamboo and recycled polyester.

READER TIP: Soak your legs in the icy-cold waters of the Clark Fork River; the finish-line party is held on its banks.

RUNNER UP: Mount Desert Island
Bar Harbor, Maine, October 17
It's tempting to think the Mount Desert Island Marathon rode its scenic laurels into this category as well, but fact is, runners also ranked this 1,000-participant race high in overall value and organization. "Beautiful place, awesome race" was the sentiment expressed in numerous comments, along with thumbs up for the kind volunteers and plentiful food. Good news for those who wrote in saying they couldn't get in: Demand is so high that the race directors are adding a new relay division for 2010.

Missoula and Mount Desert Island ranked highest. Here's the rest of readers' top 10.

4 NEWPORT, Rhode Island
6 STEAMTOWN, Pennsylvania
7 ST. GEORGE, Utah
8 FARGO, North Dakota
9 OGDEN, Utah
10 LONDON, England


  1. Mount Desert Island is the half I ran! Good to know it is so highly rated!

  2. Hmmmm... Maybe I will think about a little MT summer fun this year...