Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm 80% sure the Indians at Dunks are drugging us

Ahoy maties,

I hope this fine Sunday is treating everyone well.  I myself enjoyed the finest bacon, egg, and cheese croissant the strange indian (meaning from india) people that run the dunkin donuts up the street had to offer.  I was awesome. 

Today is a big day for my training because I am going to venture over to the high school and run a timed mile on the track.  It is cold out, but I need a base number to start my training.  I found that although I was extremely happy to have finished a 1/2 marathon, I was less happy that I ran a 3 minute longer mile than I did 10 years ago.

So, in an effort to train for my 1st Triathlon... I plan on decreasing my mile time.  

There it is.  In black and white for all to see.  Mrs Gorilla Man made a great point in her recent blog about writing down your goals.  Mrs. G reminded us that studies have shown a marked increase in achieving goals when people have written them down first. 

It is in this spirit that I've added a goals section to "Dooley Noted".  Anyone who wants to document their goals with us is welcome to.  I am hoping that this will get us all 80% closer to being as fit and healthy as we hope.

In other news today...  I swear those indian peole lace their sandwiches with crack.  I love em... cant get enough.  I think I need to take one to the lab to make sure they are on the level. 

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