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Whats up guys and girls,

Today was an awesome day for fitness.  I think we heard from all of our fitness friends today with recipes, updates, and general fitness thoughts.  I am crazy motivated right now to get down to business with the weight loss, strength building, and Tri-training.  Thanks to everyone today for taking the time to put us in the loop.   So here's whats going on.

Gorilla man and Mrs Gorilla man are now both officially in the swing of it.  Mrs Gorilla Man has already hit the blog-o-sphere with her insights and sparked some serious moves in the area of goals.  Gorilla Man himself finally chimed in on the emails with a sassy menu of delectible, if not a little "pun heavy", chicken based meals -- see below:
Gorilla Man's weekly check in -
Hey Everyone,

Feeling pretty good here at the beginning of Week 2 and looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.  I did pretty good with the situps and lunges, but the push ups did give me a bit of trouble.  However, considering at the beginning of the week I could barely do ten in a row and now I can do reps in 20 to 25, I still consider it to be a success.

Hopefully I will also be able to find a place to do some cardio, but the core training is feeling good right now.  As far as diet goes, Erika and I haven't had to change too much.  We typically grill some chicken or some thin cut steaks (which luckily for us are extremely cheap because of location) and we've recently added salmon into the rotation as well.  For sides we usually have some brown rice, steamed vegetables, and salad with fat free Italian.

Our typical week menu is something like:
-"Quesadilla... EXPLOSION!!!" Grilled Chicken in salad with a shredded quesadilla, peppers, cucumbers, and sprouts.
-"Los Noches del Tacos (formerly known as LOST Taco Night)" Grilled chicken soft tacos with brown rice, black beans, lettuce, tomato, and shredded cheese.  Salad.
-"You don't know Jack Daniels" Grilled Chicken with a wee bit o Jack Daniels BBQ sauce, steamed veggies, and brown rice. Salad.
-"The Steaks are high.... and delicious" Lean grilled steaks with cooked aspargus seasoned with garlic and brown rice (or potatoes perhaps).  Salad.
-"Not a creature was Stir... Frying that is" Stir Fry veggies (snap peas, mushrooms, onions or brocolli, cauliflour, and peas) with Grilled Chicken on Brown rice.  Salad.
-"Play it again, Salmon" Grilled Salmon on brown rice with Brocolli.  Salad.

Typical breakfasts are Green Apples, Scrambled Eggs, Wheat toast or English Muffins with PB, and some Turkey bacon on weekends.
Typical lunches consist of Turkey on Wheat with carrots or crackers.
For snacks I usually grab a couple of sugar-free Orange, Grape, and Cherry popsicles which are about 15 cal a piece.

Of course there's the occasional bag of Doritos, handful of M&Ms, and on weekends Erika and I will usually enjoy some brews and popcorn at the cottonwood, but this menu helps to keep the fat and cals down throughout the week.

I've always had a hard time with pull ups as well but I bought on of those bars that you hang in the door frame.  Attempting a couple of pull-ups each morning has been helping.

Keep up the good work everyone!

ooh ooh ohh, ah ah ah,
Gorilla Man

Mrs Gorilla Man continues the search for somewhere to get her run on.
Mama Bear stays strong with the recipes.  Keep em coming.
Even the Surgeon General sent out a notice about her progress.  Keep up the good work and don't let the red velvet get you down.
In closing I leave you with our words from the "Official Life Coach and inspirer of humanity"

The first letter of Jartha to the Corinthians

Hi Everyone!

It sounds like everyone is off to a great start. I'm right there with you. I've had some issues with dropbox and may need uninstall it...not sure if it's operator error or a tech thing but it's messing with accessing our external hard drive. No big deal.

I had a great week and loved knowing we're all in this together. I was able to hit 400 for the week. I did a mix of various crunches, lunges, squats, push ups, and planks along with running 3x. This week, like Kyle, I plan on adding weights to the squat/lung phase. I did notice that my run on Friday was easier than earlier in the week which I attribute to consistency as well as the strength/core training that I amped up this week.

I did notice that weekends are not being diet friendly. During the week I eat most meals at home and it's a pretty clean diet centered around veggies with lean protein and complex carbs but the weekend is a different story. I would like to blame it on Joe but that wouldn't be fair. The biggest culprit on weekends is that we tend to eat out 2 - 3 meals each day and we all know restaurant serving sizes are bigger than we need and much bigger than what I prepare at home. It might be a good idea for our waists and wallets if we eat in more often on the weekends...we'll see if that helps.

Erika, you are right about the goals and starting with the end in mind to create those mini goals (Kyle, you know what I mean) that are easily achievable and will make those milestone goals happen. If you find it hard to keep on track I suggest using the 4 Day Win approach on goals. Set a goal for each day and give yourself a reward each day once you have completed that goal. Every 4 days give yourself a slightly larger reward for having achieved your goals for the 4 can adjust it to 5 days but you get the point. Mini rewards for daily mini goals and a slightly larger reward for the cumulative goals. If you find that you aren't achieving your mini goals the goals are too big so cut them in half again and again until you can easily achieve them. Increase your goals once you've been able to achieve your goals for at least 3'll increase quicker than you think and you'll be more successful in the end.

Good luck in week 2! Stay warm and safe.

Such is the Gospel of Tampa

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