Tuesday, February 22, 2011

867 - 5309

hey hey everybody,

Back to the grind on a short week.  Missing mondays always screws me up for a day or so.  My inner clock can't wrap its little head around the idea that its a monday feeling at work with Tuesday prime time shows.  It's a tragedy really.  An emotional rollercoaster... well, a little.

So, I hope everybody's weekend was great.  I made the always enjoyable trek to Boston to hang around with the Surgeon General.  We laid pretty low this weekend.  Totally bailed on the City Running tour, but I am definitely going to do one of those soon. 

The weather turned so quickly and got so cold... It just wasn't going to be what we had hoped.  Next time though!  Me and the SG didn't totally call it a weekend.  We hit the Weymouth tennis club, which is awesome by the way, for a good full body work out. 

I am not going to lie to you my friends, her work out is pretty intense.  I have been taking it pretty slow with my weights and getting into her workout because I want to make sure I stick to it and not burn out.  Those TRX things are freaking crazy.  (If you don't know what they are, look up TRX... too hard to describe)  We did the weights and then a 1/2 hour cardio.  I definitely didn't push myself hard enough, but oh well... live to fight another day I guess.

Back at the hacienda that night we made some really kick ass Turkey Chili w/ cornbread.  We had a salad with it also and dessert.  Dessert was strawberrys, but we dipped them in a little chocolate.  Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.

All in all it was a great weekend.  We were real busy with errands on Sunday and got run down.  The SG wasn't feeling well and basically we said, "Cash me out, I'm done"... and called it a weekend.

The ride back on down to Philly was quick thanks to some lively conversation with Gorilla Man.  Back here in town I got the results from the cardiologist/stress test/etc...  Overall my health is fantastic.  Doc says with my stress test results I'll, "live forever".  Which is better than dying, so I got that going for me. 

Only down side is I have the cholesterol of a cartoon character that lives solely on bacon and pretzels. 

The plan tonight is to hit the new gym and see the on staff dietician.  I need to get  a little more healthy in my eating habits... obviously since I am not losing any weight despite my working out. 

So thats the scoop on the doolster... I am giving Mrs. Gorilla Man a pass, since she is traveling the world in search of the next William H. Macy.  The SG, my Chief of Staff, Gorilla man, etc.... have been suspiciously quiet all weekend in the blogosphere.  Isn't everyone curious about what's going on with them???  I know I am...  The COS has Triathlons coming up, Mrs. Gorilla man has a 1/2 marathon to train for, the SG has a duathlon, and Gorilla man has....

new shoes???  I dunno something. 

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