Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Week 5--ugh

This week didn't go as planed... my shifts this week meant I didn't get home till 3:45AM and it completely threw my sleep and exercise off. I've been fighting a GI bug the last few days and hope I'll be back to the gym on Thursday. I made a gym-date with a friend so I won't bail on it. Ryan and I did hit the gym Saturday, I'm glad to  see he liked the TRX(Navy Seal training). I plan on taking a TRX class to learn more exercises. I 'll post our turkey chili on the recipe blog. The cornbread was a "low-fat" ready mix and you just add water. It was too good, the 2 of us ate the whole pan in 24hours!


  1. you got some brass ones... Daring to post under my name. why I oughtta...

  2. sorry, not sure how that happened, but u have been slacking on the blog this week.

  3. The blog is like a fine wine. you have let it breath for a while.