Thursday, February 17, 2011

Weekend plans??? I got an idea

So whats up everybody?

Gearing up for another fun Friday on the docks in Philly.  As far as today went, all was well.

I had one of those debating moments on the ride home from work.  The weather was nice, but I was tired.  I was hungry but I really should run.  You all know the debate.  I got home and switched over some laundry and the moment was at hand.  Hit the couch or hit the road... 

I am happy to say that one thought pushed me in the right direction.  I thought to myself, "You always feel better after you work out.  So why not do something you know will make you feel better?"  I swear to god it was some magic mojo baby.  I hit the road for a quick 2.5 miler and that was that.  It was a big run, but it was my first run in the good weather with hills and I was able to really push my speed.  Trust me, Im still slow, but hey... I was out there.  right?

So the weekend for me will be road tripping on up to the Surgeon General's homestead.  Plan on heading out super early on Saturday to make it up there for 10 a.m.  No real big plans or anything.  Just a fun weekend of relaxing and what not. 

I did stumble across something cool though, thanks to my Chief of Staff forwarding along an article.  City running tours of Boston has several things coming up.  One event is a 5 mile jog through the North End.  The ad for this event sounds like it takes you buy some scenic spots.  I was thinking it would be a fun thing to do with a couple of people. Take some nice Boston pictures, maybe catch a nice carbo loading lunch in the north end afterwards...  Well Dooley Noted nation, let me know what you think.  I am pretty sure I can get the Surgeon General on board.  :)
I probably wont have time for a Friday post, so if I don't catch you all... Have a great Friday and keep up all the good training. 

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  1. Hi - this is Karl, from City Running Tours. Did you join the Boston run? What did you think?