Thursday, February 17, 2011

If you got it, why not use it.

Aloha everybody,

Another maritime kind of day in Philadelphia today.  Cranes breaking down, cargo getting lost... its a crazy day.  I figured I would take time now to say hello, before all hell breaks loose.

So I hit the new gym last night and it was awesome.  It's not as shiny and brand new looking as Bally's, but hey that is more my style anyways. Cool thing i found is there are windows leading from the weight room into the pool.  You can totally see people walking by in the pool.  Ha.

I did the Surgeon General's full body workout, and it was good.  I am starting off slow with it to prevent debilitating soreness.  I fully believe that in a week or two I'll change that workout into a circuit and do it 2 or 3 times per session.  That would be one hell of a strength training regiment. 

After I did all the weight training, I hit the bike for 15 and the treadmill for 15.  I had initially wanted to swim, but it was getting late and I was getting tired.  Not to mention I was feeling a little dehydrated.  I have really learned to just accept that sometimes the workouts won't be stellar.  I am trying to get as most out of each one as possible, without going over the top.

This cardio workout was one of my shorter ones, but I think i made it really count.  I used the heart monitors on the handle bards of the equipment to get my heart rate.  I did a stress test the other day (weird test) and found out that my target cardio heart rate is 160 to 170.  My goal for the 15 minutes on each equipment was to keep my heart rate in or above that level for 15 minutes. 

I was successful in keeping my rate above 160 the entire time.  It was actually a little more challenging than I thought.  It takes some serious concentration to make sure you're going fast enough at all times.

The main reason for this goal was because I had an epiphany after I left the "stress test" on Tuesday.  Every doctor I've seen over the last month has confirmed that my circulatory system is free of clots, my overall health is good, and as of Tuesday my heart is strong and healthy. 

This is good news to anyone, but for me it is actually a real driving force. I know the value of being 100% healthy.  I also know how fleeting that can be.  So my new motivational motto is "if you got it, why not use it."

If my circulatory system and lungs are free of clots then lets push em.  If my heart walls are strong and free of any arrhythmias, then lets push that bad boy and get everything you can out of it.

I have no idea what my health will be tomorrow, but today it is good.  So its wrong to not do everything I can with it today.

I am willing to wager that none of my family ever saw anything like that coming from me. hahaha.  So get out there folks.  "I had a stroke, a heart attack, and I'm 60 lbs overweight...  whats your excuse for not getting out there?"  :)

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