Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ask and Ye shall receive

So... check it out everybody.  The Dooley Noted nation has spawned its first spin off to accomodate the will of the people. 

Ma, You made a good point on your entry.  We should put the recipes in one place for easy reference.  So I have created another blog space.  The new one is http://www.dooleynotedrecipes.blogspot.com/

For future reference the link will be on the left side of the page.  I will post the daily recipes and everyone is welcome to post theirs here, but I will also be posting the "Recipes of the Day" and any I find posted here on the recipe page. 

I figure on a lazy tuesday like tonight anyone can just check in here, then slide over to the recipe page and cruise the posts or the archived posts.  This should make life just a little easier.

THanks for the suggestion ma, and enjoy the new set up.

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