Saturday, February 26, 2011

"My maserati does 185"

Hey all,

I finally have time for a quick hello and whats up to the Dooley Noted Nation.  Things have been getting wild and crazy around the Philly area lately.  Weather is flaring up, computers are going down, and the world is just flat out going off its axis.

I honestly have no major ups or downs to speak of this week.  The weather, although rainy, is actually still pretty temperate here.  I am stoked about this because I am hitting the streets like the gangsta thug I am.  No, thats a lie.... But I will be running on the streets again this weekend.

The only big plans for this weekend are to get some serious cardio in.  I have been way off the wagon for my tri training.  Don't get me wrong...  I've been able to keep a good schedule of workouts and cardio in, but I need to kick the triathlon specific training in the butt and get back on it.

Last weekend didn't pan out on the city running tour, but hey... the ocean is full of fish, another bus will come, and there is another City Running Tour in Philadelphia this weekend.  So my big plan is to do a full body workout today with some swimming and sign up for the City Running tomorrow.  That will make this weekend a fitness riot.

I have to travel to Jacksonville next weekend for work.  I'll be there Tuesday night to Thursday morning.  It is kind of a drag because I have to take a class at the corporate office, but there is a literal sunny side.  I am planning on getting up early and going for a run on the beach on Wednesday.  That is the real benefit to having lived there before.  I know I get down there and park for free at the south end.  Everybody always goes to the North end of Jax Beach, but that is a rookie mistake.

So all in all I am planning on have a fun filled weekend here in philly.  I hope everybody else is having a good time and I really hope i remember to return my 21 day late redbox movie.  That is why I should just stick to netflix.

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  1. Have fun in Jax! Enjoy an Angie's Sub for me! :)