Sunday, February 27, 2011

The weather is here, I wish you were beautiful

Whats up peoples,


Another sunday funday is upon us and its time for... well, its time for something. 

The temperature here in philly is perfect today.  Its about 50 degrees, sunny, and it is perfect for a sunday outside.  The only thing missing is one of those florida bars with the open air deck and the pina coladas.  Well you can't win em all right?

So i hit the roads as promised both yesterday and today.  I didn't do a long run, but I like to think both days were effective uses of time and cardio.  I ran to the new gym and hit the weight room yesterday.  I even stayed fired up and ran about 1/2 the way home.  Obviously I walked the other half, since I am here typing this right now. 

I hit the weights using the full body work out which I have listed below.  It's not so "diesel" that you are sore the next day, which I like.  This circuit (courtesy of the Surgeon General) gives you a good all around work out of all the different muscle groups.  I found if you don't rest between sets it also keeps your heart rate up in the "I dont want to be fat anymore" range.

Today, I also ran to the gym, but I packed my swim gear and hit the pool.  This pool is about twice as long as the one at Ballys.  Someone needs to be pretty confident in their abilities before hitting this little chlorinated slice of heaven, because there is a deep end for the high dive.  I am a pretty strong swimmer and even I was a little put off by the sudden drop off from shallow to deep end.  It's a little intimidating, but I think there is a darwinian logic to the deep end.  Follow me on this...  If you couldn't handle the deep end then technically you aren't "swimming".  You'd be better classified as wading.  I am not hoping for drownings, I just like to know there is still a little natural selection around, just to keep us honest.

Anyways, I swam for 500 meters today.  I feel pretty toasted and tired, but in a good way.  I hope everyone else is still rocking the fitness world and having as much fun as I am.  Especially coming into the better weather.  Keep up the good work everybody and congratulations to everyone who hung with the 500 challenge. 

Keep your heads up for the next in the challenge series and the hopeful continuation of the "Silent Killers" fitness extravaganza.

(there is a good chance I didn't spell the that last part right... oh well)

Full body circuit:  courtesy of the Surgeon General

Vertical abdominals- Knee up & out    20
Lat. Pulldown    50lb/15
Incline Chest    12.5lb/15
Abductor    60lb/15
Plie Squat, hold 5sec    20/10-15TRX or "swiss ball" in pushup position-knee pull in    10 to 15
TRX or ball sit ups    20
Glutes- Foot back    15lb/15
TRX or upside down bar back row- arms straight and elbows at sides    15
Seated Row    40lb/15
Chest Fly    20lbs/15
Squat machine    20lb/15
Squat w/kettle ball- switch arms on the up swing    5lb/1min
Shoulder (arm raises)    15lb/10
Bicep Curl to ears    20lb/10-15
Tricep rope- pull downs    35lb/15

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