Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rated D - Oscar Picks!

Welcome to the Superbowl of movies... The Academy Awards!

As you know, I try to tie in a healthy message into my moving reviews (as this Blog is directed towards that, of course), but healthy descisions in life come to us in many ways. Not the least of which is making sure we are entertained.

That being said....
Welcome to Rated D's 2011 Oscar Picks!

Best Picture - The King's Speech
But Maybe... - The Social Network
Did I stutter? Ah, a poor taste joke. I gushed about this one on a recent blog and still stand by the opinion. However, I am reminded of the "upsets" in years past of Dark Horses like Crash and Slumdog Millionaire, so The Social Network gets the #2 slot.

Best Actor - Colin Firth
But Maybe... - James Franco
He's filled the charmingly befuddled Brit leading man since Hugh Grant realized how funny he was and stopped trying, but for his performance: Amazing. Still, Franco made an hour and a half movie about him and a rock interesting, touching, and funny.

Best Actress - Natalie Portman
But Maybe... - Annette Bening
I am partial because I've been in love with her since I was 10 but not too mention how fantastic she is in everything she does - no exception here for the tortured ballerina, which might explain why I married Erika... hmm... Anywho, Bening is always solid and could take it on her fourth nomination.

Best Supporting Actor - Christian Bale
But Maybe... - Geoffrey Rush
Sometimes actor's don't so much perform as they do transform to tackle their roles. This is the case for Batman - uh... I mean Bale. However, this didn't work out for Frank Langella in Frost/Nixon and Rush's performance was wonderful which is why he shouldn't be ruled out.

Best Supporting Actress - Melissa Leo
But Maybe... - Hailee Steinfeld
As a Lowell, Mass mom, Leo will probably take home the statue for the unrecognizable character from The Fighter. Still, some are ticked that the 14 year old from True Grit isn't up for Best Actress which could work in her favor here. Not to mention, it was a great performance.

Best Animated Film - Toy Story 3
But Maybe... - The Illusionist
It's the Return of the King and Godfather 3. They'll be celebrating the entire series of the movies which is pretty great on its own. The sweet and simple Illusionist could still take the cake with its less mainstream appeal.

Best Director - David Fincher - Social Network
But Maybe... - Tom Hooper - King's Speech
Fincher, famous for Fight Club, made a movie about rich Harvard kids, becoming richer and suing each other for not getting as rich, an interesting and exciting story. However, Hooper, famous for the John Adams series on HBO, made a stuttering king, a quick-moving, funny, touching story that lingered with you long after you left the theater.

Best Original Screenplay - The King's Speech
But Maybe - Another Year
This one is my pick for it's wit and intelligence. Great flow and great characters. A small film about life in later years, but not to be ruled out.

Best Adapted Screenplay - The Social Network
But Maybe - 127 Hours
Social Network, based on the Accidental Billionaire's, should win. There shouldn't be a reason it doesn't. But if that doesn't happen, 127 Hours, based on Rock and A Hard Place, could take it for the great style in which they crafted this near tragic tale.

Well those are my picks. Got em in late, but do tell your thoughts or opinions. Remember to take a break and laugh or cry for that matter, every now and then! Happy Oscars!

Gorilla Man!

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  1. Well done JP you did an awesome job and made it entertaining for us all