Tuesday, March 1, 2011

This has nothing to do with fitness...

Good Morning Everyone,

As I gear up for my southern excursion to the land of health and happiness that is Jacksonville, FL, I take pause to think about the Oscars.  I rarely ever know any of the movies that win awards.  I only actually recognize half of the famous people.  I never know what outfits are ironic/edgy/new wave or just hideous until I read on yahoo the next day.

I think about this and it makes me wonder.  Am I really watching the right movies.  Not many of the movies I enjoy ever receive critical acclaim.  Now here is the real noodle burner.  The "academy" has approximately 6,000 voting members.  If everyone of those members saw a movie in the Northeast at night for approximately $10 a ticket that would yield 60,000.  If they saw the movie 10 times it would only yield 600,00.  I mention this because most movie stars make a lot more than a percentage of 600,000. 

I think the academy membership should be expanded to include us lowly, unsophisticated types... That really enjoyed Mr. Franco in Pineapple Express.  I think movies like Super Troopers should get the credit they deserve and not be snubbed by cinematographical snobs.  Sometimes making a bagillion people laugh deserves an award too.

I'm just saying.  The high minded and low hanging fruit both have their place and both deserve a little statue.

In conclusion no matter what I love movies and I love going to the movie theatre.  I just saw "I am number four".  In my opinion it was good, not great, but I do love that girl from "Glee" and she is in it.  So remember everyone, "all the world is a stage and we are all merely players"... 

What say you Gorilla man?

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