Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chief of Staff is back in action... for tonight at least

Hello Hello -

I have missed you all dearly!

Well what can I say, I have not done much of anything in the fitness area do to my crazy schedule. I have however made a conscious effort to keep my diet within 1200 calories per day and drinking at least 64 ounces of water (8 - 8ounce glasses/ 4-16ounce bottles) and I have lost 6 pounds over the last two weeks.

So for all of us who have been working out harder then ever and not seeing results I hope that is a little motivation for what the right diet can do. I literally have not done any physical activity outside my commute from work and occasionally taking stairs over an escalator.

Today I got to actually get a little workout in. There is a gym/spa facility that my old eye browist from Easton works at. I found out that if you get any spa treatment you can use the gym facilities free of charge. Since I have a conference next week I decided to get a little pampering and get a workout in.

I did 30 minutes on the bicycle and it kicked my butt in a good way.

I felt so great after the workout - I really miss having time for that in my schedule. I am going to try to get two 6am work outs in this week but I have a midterm due on Thursday so working out will depend on how much I get done of that tomorrow after weekly errands!

This past week was pretty awesome. I aced a presentation that I was pretty nervous about and on the same day had Micky Ward & Dicky Ecklund come to Suffolk to speak to the students. They are great guys, Mark and Christian portrayed their personalities SO WELL in The Fighter!
On Friday I'll be flying out right after work - Philly bound! I will be staying with our very own Coverboy on Friday night and hopefully hanging out on Saturday. Sunday through Wednesday I will be attending the NASPA conference, a conference for my people (college administrators).

I arrive home on Wednesday afternoon and on Thursday I fly out to Atlanta for the second half of the Leadership Exchange (the reason I was in LA hanging on Skid Row). I'll be back in MA on Sunday March 20th - Should be settled for awhile after that.

I'm hoping the Hotels we stay in have good gym facilities, I'll be packing clothing just in case!

Other than that just trying to keep my eyes set on the prize (graduation, May 21st)!!

Hope you are all doing well and staying healthy.

Yours truly,

Chief of Staff

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  1. Very nice, glad to hear all is going well.