Monday, March 7, 2011

Rated D #4 - I Am Number 4

Welcome back to Rated D!

After the Oscar's last week, I am able to return to the normal movie reviews that you all know and love. My pick's for this year's winners were all either my number one choices or, in the case of Best Director, my second place choices. Before I begin, I hope you enjoy the fact that the fourth movie review is reviewing a movie titled I Am Number 4 as much as I did.

This weekend I watched a movie called "I Am Number 4". SPOILER ALERT: Not so average teen/alien hides on Earth from an evil race of aliens while dealing with the everyday drama of high school bullies and love.

A lot of people have said this movie is bad, but I think that's the wrong word to use. There is simply too much story trying to be told and not enough time to tell it. The explosions and fights are fun and creative, but too many open-ended questions and a lot of uncreative dialogue drag drown this movies chance at being in the top tier of sci-fi/action flicks. The movie sets up its coming sequels but often times these follow up movies don't get made because the first one isn't the Back to the Future that leaves the audience screaming for more or the Twilight movies that have already built a fanbase with the books.

To tie back to the fitness...
You never know when the really tall aliens who destroyed your planet and killed your friends and family might show up looking for you. When this inevitably occurs, you must be in peak physical condition. Whether it's making a quick get away on foot or being agile enough to flip and fly over exploding tables in your school cafeteria, the best weapon you have is you. Perhaps imagining aliens chasing you on the treadmill or that each pull up brings you closer to the stars might be the inspiration you need to keep that workout routine as consistent as possible.

"On the field, the quarterback needs a few things. One of those things is intuition- the ability to know when something is going south." - James Abel as Mark

Technically Speaking...
Pretty good special effects and some original ideas on old themes drive this popcorn action flick. At times it tries to be light and mindless but clashes when it tries to be serious and dramatic equalling some funny scenes (in a bad way). The movie would've made a better series on the CW than a movie trying to stand on its own. It's too intriguing to just flip on the auto-pilot and have fun, but too silly and cheesy to hook you for a fun ride.

Review - I give it 4.5 numbered aliens out of 10

Still Haven't Seen It Yet?
HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON - Sounds silly but this one was actually pretty great. Funny and clever and some great animation of course, but the best part of this boy and beast tale is the unusual relationship between the main character and his - ahem - dragon. Different from other stories in that the dragon remains an animal and doesn't speak or become personified in any way.

Next Time on Rated D...
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