Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar. That much is true"

Ahoy everybody,

Sorry for the long delay between posts.  Is it me, or has the world just gotten ridiculously busy lately?  It kind of seems like work and school and such has just blow the hell up for everybody.

Anyways got some things cooking in the old noodle so I'll share...

1)  i had a shimmering glimpse of an opportunity to get involved in this year's Boston Marathon.  I know what you're all thinking.  "Ryan, are you gonna win?"  Sadly, no. But thank you for thinking that.  I am not really "there" on my training and I have a long journey before I can say I am ready.  The open slots went to several other people, but I am in contact with the people from Tedy's team, so maybe next year.

2)  The whole thing with the Marathon reminded me that I need to keep my goals pretty focused.  I have several of the sprint Tri's lined up, the road race, possibly the Providence 1/2 marathon in the relatively near future.  The whole reason for these though, is to keep me focused on fitness so by the end of this year I'll be in peak condition and able to run either the Philadelphia or NYC marathon.  Boston is my must do marathon, but it is a hard nugget to crack and the goal is to do one before 30... that really only leaves philly or NYC in november.  I think boston will just have to wait.

3)  Gorilla man - not even a mention of the girl from glee's performance.  I totally believe her as the misunderstood popular girl who turns away from the in crowd to be the lone artistic type in middle of nowhere Ohio. (ironically it is similar to the town that Glee is set in)  How bout that for some attention to detail?  By the by... The police officer got bounced off a telephone pole, like a raquet ball...  I don't think that kid told his father anything about what direction they were going in.  Here's an idea though... cross over film.  Mulder and Scully run across number 4 and 6 and mayhem ensues.  Who are the good guys?  Only time will tell.  Anybody with me?

4)  Thats about it for me today.  I am sure I'll have new and exciting things to say, but for right now I am reading a new book "marathoning for mortals"  and just hitting the docks.  Everybody keep up the good work and we'll catch you all on the flip side.

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  1. She is very pretty and it was interesting to see her do a character other than a cheerleader like she does on GLEE or HEROES, but her deviated septum voice is always distracting. Like I said I didn't hate the movie, but there were a lot of problems. Like when she said they had 3 more months left of school which would roughly set the movie in late February or Early March but since they shot the movie probably in California, it seemed like no one needed jackets or even long sleeved shirts. Not to mention the ridiculous moment in the movie when she just found out "You might be a terrorist or murderer and when I fell off the roof you caught me and stopped me with lights from your hands... and then flipped a police car with a flick of your wrist... and apparently you're being hunted by some bad dudes... but if you've got a minute I'd love to show you some pictures at the high school... it'll only take a moment... OH CRAP! How did they catch up with us!?" But still Diana Agron is very pretty.