Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cuz it tuesssdayy

hey hey hey,

I figured after such a long absence from the world of blogs that I would grace the superhighway with another exciting rendition of... "whats up with me".

short answer.  Nothing.

I know its boring, but hey... They can't all be gems.

Anyways, I wrapped up the day nicely at work and heading back to la casa.  The weather was chilly but not bad so I hit the roads for a good 4 mile run.  I felt great during and after, so that was nice.  I definitely could have run longer, but I am a little shy on my running consistency lately and didn't want to end up with sore shins and calfs.  Give me a break... this a lot of man meat to carry around all day and up and down the roads of Pennsylvania.

In other news today I am really enjoying my new book on marathon prep and training.  Prep and Training... sounds like the same thing right?  wrong. 

Training is the running and the diet.  Prep is setting goals and getting your mind right so you don't, as I like to put it, "Flame out".

Either way it is great.  I'll keep you guys posted on any interesting tidbits about training and prep. 

Quick shout out to "the grams" also.  Me, the Surgeon General, and Grams had breakfast on Sunday at the Ihopper and she mentioned how much she enjoys the blog.  So keep the good stuff coming for the lady.  Thanks for the encouragement grams.

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