Tuesday, March 15, 2011

You Can't Spell Melting without MT!

Greetings from the Gorillas!

Although Gorillas are most often associated with the jungle and warmer climates, the two that have settled up north are finally beginning to see the green grass as our eyes are no longer frozen shut nor are our windows. No, seriously our windows just recently thawed.

Madam Gorilla and the Mister were actually able to go for a jog without the risk of freezing to death and being eaten wolves. For those of you who think we are exagerating, we would've taken pictures of the dozens of deer that have literally just frozen to death on the side of the road if their bodies had not been dragged into the planes by hungry predators and scavengers. Cue the Elton John "...Hold me closer Tiny Danc- I mean... It's the circle of life!"

Along with that have come our annual lent give-ups. Between the two of us, we've given up fast food (except pizza... i mean... come on), soda, and chocolate. We've also chosen to cut back on one of the only recreation activities out here: drinking. It'll go a little easier on our bellies and our wallets so that's for the best.

That's all for now. The temps are finally starting to rise out here and we should be up to 50 by Sunday. That's huge news for us... and the deer apparently.

Gorilla Man

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