Thursday, June 16, 2011

Back by popular demand ~ or maybe just by the Triathlete ('re welcome...)


I am happy to be making my first posting in a very looooooong time. I looked into the archives and my last post was on February 7. This has not been a good showing for me on the blog as the chief of staff. In the archives I did find a drafts of blogs I started on 3/4, 4/9, annnnd 5/23. They just never made the final cut to be posted.

.... What's that you ask? What have I been doing the last few months.... Oh I will tell you!!

Well since February 7th I reached the age of 25 ~ I am officially a 1/4 century old. I celebrated with some good friends from grad school and went up to Killington for a weekend of snowboarding. I finally purchased a helmet! <-- Doesn't it look good!?!? I also bought the goggles, honestly only because they keep the helmet in place better, but they are Scott so they are pretty good quality.

It made me feel more confident snowboarding and I do consider myself a 'snowboarder' now. Nothing like my little cousin who makes me eat powder but I'm not bitter... at all... I promise...

While up at Killington we hit up the Wobbly barn, which I don't know for sure but I'm pretty sure I've heard some other family members talk about it. The entire time I was there I kept picturing younger versions of Dooley aunts and uncles celebrating apre ski.... In my mind it was like a scene from hot tub time machine (llooooovvveee that movie).

After birthday celebration it was back to reality. Books, reading, colleges, student development,making fun stuff and getting kids to go to it (as JP lovingly describes my profession).

Speaking of my profession - the next month was the National Association of Student Personel Administration Conference (NASPA). It was held in Philadelphia so I got to go professionally develop and visit with Ryan at the same time! We had a great time walking around downtown Philly and going out to eat - that's pretty much what we
do whenever we get together

He took me to his workout facilities and did the training circuit he learned from the general surgeon then we went for a long walk and found our selves lost in the woods and cutting through a golf course to get home... ::sigh:: family memories to tell our kids someday after a few Mai Tai's. Overall great weekend! Oh yea the conference was cool too met people, networked, etc. Overall I love the career choice I picked.

After Philly I literally spent less than 24 hours in Boston before I boarded another plane with students and headed to Atlanta, GA to complete the second leg of the LA trip I previously blogged about (civic engagement project focused on homelessness awareness). The trip once again was great - and at the end we got to explore the Atl a little, we did a tour of the Coke Factory and got an executive behind the scene tour of CNN - both equally interesting in their own ways. I am telling you here first - if anyone ever offers you a drink called "Beverly" DO NOT try it!! I repeat DO NOT try it! For some reason coke hates Italy and made a liquid that I can only describe as tasting like the way you feel when you are hungover.... not the taste in your mouth when you wake up hungover but the entire hangover bottled up. It was miserable... Anyone offering it to you is not your friend.
After Atlanta I returned to the real world once again. Classes picked up as usual. Tons of writing and research, projects, and presentations. It was a rough couple of months. By far the hardest semester that I went through while in the program. I don't know if it was the 3 classes, the internship, an awful sleep schedule, or the end in sight that seemed to never be getting closer. It was like running on a treadmill!!

However, after 5 long semesters over 3 years.... I DID IT!

The ceremony was great. Nice short and sweet. It was actually on the day of the rapture - so that could've gone bad... Luckily, it didn't ruin the occasion.

I am officially a Master of Education, Higher Education Administration, haha!

My awesome parents celebrated with me by getting seats in the Fidelity suite box at Fenway. The Red Sox blew a huge lead and the game was a disgrace but the time spent together was nice and I couldn't have asked for a better day!

Next on the list - A doctorate... but first I need some relaxation and second I need to find another school that will pay for it!! :o) Right dad?

I did forget to mention the surprise visit we got from JP over the spring semester. He was able to get out here for his birthday and stick around for mother's day. We took a family trip to Fenway with some ticket complimentary of Making the Kids do the fun things foundation.
Erika and Kristen were very missed... But you know ~ somebody's gotta work in this family!!
It was good to all be together and the weather was fabulous. Oh yea since this is a "work out blog"- and congrats to anyone who ran the Boston Marathon on that day as well!

I was going to continue this post but I think I will break it up into two. My next one will post in the near future and I will update you with my recent return to the world of physical fitness!

I hope you all have a great weekend!! Before I go I'd also like to take a moment to wish The Captain a happy Father's Day from the Dooley Noted Chief of Staff!
Hope you keep your head down and your strokes low this weekend! See ya on the links!

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