Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Workout Wednesday - weekend in review

Good day everybody,

My apologies for the break in bloggins..

I have taken the past 2 days off from all fitness and pretty much life... in honor of the Triathlon completion.

So... heres how things went down. 

The weekend was awesome down in clearwater.  The weather was beautiful (as per the norm), everyone was in great spirits, and as everyone already knows me and PTD man handled a triathlon. 

The event goes Swim(1/4 mi), Bike (12mi), run (3.1mi)...  I felt really good in the swim.  I made good time and wasn't wore out at all when I hit the beach.  We had to travel on foot from the beach to the transition area...  Ask PTD about the 400 meter run fromt he swim to T1.  It was unexpected and it sucked.

The first transition area (T1) is where I swapped out my bathing suit for my shorts and "silent killers" T-shirt.  Shoes and sox and I was off to the races.  It is an adventure because you are out in the open and I'll probably invest in some special shorts for the next one.  Trying to swap shorts under a towel as fast as you can just leads to trouble. I was ok, but PTD probably has a few pics on TMZ right now under the celebrity nudity section.

"I was exposed" - PTD

On the Bike it was a tough ride, but it was fun.  Our cheeringsection at the base of the big bridge was key in keeping us going.  No one wants to look ragged as your going by the cameras, so I powered through out of pride.  Especially with the "Aramark kid" ,standing on the sidelines with the "Dooley Noted Lifecoach" mind you,  telling bikers that looked rough, "you've got a long way to go."  c'mon man... show some compassion.

T2 was nothing... off the bike and onto the run... however... I will say what I said in FL, "It is a lonely walk out of T2.  All of a sudden you realize I just swam and biked, and now I'm going to do a 5K."  That is probably the only time I got a little nervous.  I knew I'd finish, but I also knew it wasn't going to be pretty.

The run was HOT and 3 miles seems long at that point.  I also didn't think we could use IPODs... That was the first time in years that I have run without music.  I put up some weak numbers in the run section and next time I'll be sporting and IPOD and Im thinking I'll be able to shave about 5 minutes off my 5K time.

The Finish was the best.  I found a little extra umph in my legs and ran hard through the last .25 mi.  So fast, as a matter of fact that my fans couldn't even find me as I blasted by the competition.  Legs felt good, back felt good.  I was thirsty, tired, and totally amped up.

The Triathlon itself was an amazing experience.  In my personal opinion... I found the tri harder than the 1/2 marathon, but easier on my body.  My legs and muscles overall were fine after the tri... as opposed to my crippled form after the 1/2 marathon.

This could be because I was more diligent in training overall for this event... it also could be the fact that I didn't run every inch of every mile on asphault... either way.  I definitely feel empowered after completing the Dunedin sprint.  So much so, that I have signed up for the Falmouth Sprint Tri in July. 

So I am going to train hard starting today and try to get a challenging time goal for my next tri.  I want to really make a showing in the cape on july 17th.  See you guys out there and have a great Workout Wednesday.

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