Monday, June 13, 2011

Sunday came... and now we're triathletes

Good Morning from Florida,

We came, we saw, we pretty much got our butts kicked, but we eventually conquered. 

That's right my friends.  PTD and I successfully completed the Dunedin Sprint Triathlon in 2011.  I have a video that mama bear took of the event coordinator announcing the fact that, "Ryan and Phil Dooley are triathletes". 

So everyone please feel free to refer to me as "the triathlete Ryan Dooley".

All kidding aside, this was a truly amazing experience.  The Swim was fun, the bike was difficult, and the run was a super challenge.  The course was beautiful though... and just like when we ran the disney 1/2 marathon... I was floored by the supportive and positive attitudes of all the competitors.  The running world is a completely different approach to athleticism.  A great approach to tell the truth.

I want to thank everyone for their support during the training.  The Surgeon General was an enormous help al the way for me. 

Mama Bear, the queen of HSN, our official life coach, the amscot man, the woman with the longest name in sports, the hebrew hammer, and the new kid in Tampa... all showed up to support us and both PTD and I agree that you guys made this difference in that bike ride.  Perfect positioning.  great cheering... Joe was showing the good old boston red sox cap...

yesterday was everything i could have hoped it to be.  I can't wait to see all the pics and we'll keep everyone posted. 

I hope everyone had a productive weekend and got a chance to do something fun.  Next on the docket are "The falmouth Sprint Tri" (possibly), The Road Race, and anything else people are feeling up to... just let us know.

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