Thursday, December 1, 2011

I am 10,798 days old today...

Bonjour mi compadres,

Usually the titles of the blogs tie in to the subject matter of the blog, but not today folks... up top there I was just a stating a fact...  like when you just blurt out "damn I'm good looking"... or "These pretzels, are making me thirsty!".

The week seems to be flying by and that is very good thing as we close in on a weekend of fun and mayhem.  I hit the gym on Monday for a workout, but then on Tuesday and Wednesday I found myself just dying for an extra hour of sleep in the A.M.  I treated myself to a little R&R and felt pretty good about it because I had beaten the snot out of my body on Monday.

Back to the grind today, though...  I hit the warm up cardio for 20 minutes on the bike.  Then some weights for chest and back.  Didn't have time today to do abs or arms because I wanted to hit the cardio monster again at the end.  finished up the morning with 20 minutes in the pool. 

time to start looking for a triathlon to train for...

The plan for the weekend looks good so far.  I'll probably head out on the town with the Chief of Staff (tenuously retaining that title despite an alarming lack of bloggation) on friday.  then Saturday I am trying to arrange a brunch with Grams. (shhh... I havent asked her yet, but she rarely turns me down... i mean honestly... who can?), Then its Pats v. Colts on Sunday courtesy of PTD consulting.

all in all I have to say this has been a hell of a week.  My focus will be on making sure that I get my lazy bones up and to the gym in the A.M. of each of these days... that way I'll actually have earned the inevitable food and drink that will accompany all these fun antics. 

So how is everyone else's holidays rolling?  I hope the training regiments are staying strong into the holidays.  For me personally, i need to hit the gym because the one thing you can guarantee at this time of year is people will not put down their cameras.  Seasonal pics also have a tendency to end up lasting a long time on refridgerators...  So I guess that can be solid motivation, or a real kick in the ego nuts.

So rock on folks...

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