Monday, January 23, 2012

Oh Brady... get it together.

Morning folks,

Back in the saddle for another week of mayhem on the North Shore of Massachusetts.

Had to take a few days off from the bloggins to get myself rested and recuped.  I don't know why, but last week I was seriously dragging.  I could not get out of bed in the morning to get over the gymski.  I tried to get in the swing, but by Friday I called it a "total constructive loss"... put in the "L" column... and moved on. 

Not to worry, because I hit it hard in the gym on Saturday and Sunday with the Surgeon General and the Brockton Spanish Teacher we hang out with.  We did Spinning on Saturday (killer workout)... and then Core and More on sunday (I don't care what anyone says... that class was harder than normal... I am still sore).

Spinning is seriously one of the most difficult hours I've ever spent working out.  If you really try to follow all the instructions they give during the class.... it'll get you done quick.  I'm looking to mix in a few Spinning classes during the week to keep my cardio up. 

I am sticking to the bodyweight exercises instead of freeweights because I've noticed my recovery time is faster and i still get the feeling of a real workout.  So... that is the plan.

The football game on sunday was a workout in itself... watching the patriots flirt with elimination is enough to keep your heart rate up for a cardio workout alone.  And, just to add my unsolicited 2 cents... I am not cheering congrats to the Pats or yay we won...  we didn't... The pats didn't beat the ravens.. the ravens beat the ravens... Now don't take me wrong... I'm taking the win and the ticket to the superbowl, but holy crap they better get their heads on straight for the rematch of the decade.  Something tells me the giants arent going to drop a touchdown pass to the chest and then shank a 30 yard field goal.  You only get that lucky once...

The gorillas out in Vegas sound like they are rocking hard in 2012.  Sounds like an interesting challenge to pose... lot of adventures.  I myself have a lot on the docket for the year and look forward to it.  So rock on with your bad self and keep on with the keeping on.

Happy Monday.

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