Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"Coach J's Flying kick into the Endzone"

Hey ho neighborinos...

Back in the saddle once again on the blogosphere.  I took a few days off for the holiday and then there was a business trip and so on, and so forth... 

So... where we left off on Wednesday was that the impending Turkey day was upon us. 

I dunno how your Thanksgiving went, but mine was spectacular.  I am still stuffed.  Good food and fun, and just as an added bonus... Mark Sanchez failed to make a hand off and then ran smack into the ass of a lineman, almost knocked himself out, and subsequently turned over the football for a touchdown.

Now on a far larger, more important field, the following Friday was the long awaited "781 football classic".  We had a great turnout of about 16 or 17 people.  Red team versus Blue team.  I was Red team by virtue of the draft.  Coach Robo and Wheelz were the captains and the draft went as expected... Yours truly went high in the draft.  Suckers... Who picks an obvious lineman that early?

I mean look at the coverboy here.  I am built like a lineman.  It is just a foregone conclusion.  Now the Defensive weapon that I am, my contributions were on the consistent pressure and onslaught of near sacks.  Blue QB, scotty 2 hotty, didn't know what hit him.... especially when I put a finger in his ear... There is a discrepancy as to whether it was an accident or not.  I felt his brain... it was gross.

781 top 10 plays of the week.

10) Jared's over the left shoulder behind the head grab across the middle.
9)  Coach Robo's 40 or 50 receptions.  Just pick one and call it # 9.
8)  Coop (5'6 & 100 lbs) body slams me on the blitz
7)  In a rage of reveng I sack the QB (then awkwardly get up remembering we're playing touch)
6) Amanda eats it in the goose poop, but makes sure to maintain the reception for our 1st 1st down.
5) Tina throws a hip check to stop a massive intense rusher (me again)
4) New guy Rob has 4 tough attempts on passes straight to him, then comes out of no where for a great reception on a one handed grab.
3)Dani trying to keep control of the weiner dog.
2)  Scotty 2 hotty throws a reception with my finger in his ear...

And the number 1 play of the week is...

1)  Coach J jumps into a flying sai kick to cross the end zone and threaten the life of anyone trying to make a tackle. 

Good friends, good fun,  No serious injuries.


The Wod today was a good one for cardiovascular training. 

10 calorie Row- a.k.a. balls to the walls, row as hard as you can for 10 calories approx. 70 to 100 meters.

10 quality hollow rocks - Look em up, but they are much harder than they look.

20  Double unders jump roping - It is what it sounds like.  Makes you feel like an idiot when you can't do them and makes you feel like rocky when you finally do.

Today was a "rocky" day.  Booyah.

Anyways.... Good day... strong paleo.  Feeling good, and I am calling it a day.  Good night all.

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  1. Can we come up with a meaning for a Bulleinkle day?