Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Talking Turkey about wall balls and kettle bells

Good Evening my fine feathered friends....

I know it is early, but I am gearing up to pull the plug and power down for a day or two.  Work is over, already banged out a crossfitting, and I have eaten paleo right all day long.  By the way... Lara Bars are paleo and boy it couldn't have come up a moment too soon.

So here is where we stand as the Turkey day fast approaches....  deep breath, and go.

The day went well on a personal note.  Paleo eating is actually not the most horrible thing in the world.  The Surgeon General made some muffins that are soooooo damned good, I would never have known that they were paleo.  The Lara bars were a god sent, and I have finally gotten to a point where I can open the fridge and not have to physically restrain myself from grabbing a diet coke...

Thats right my friends... I didn't get rid of them.  There are 11 Diet Cokes sitting in front of me all day every day.  The "SG" wanted to kick them, but I said, "No!".  Its a test of personal integrity.  I am firm believer that any personal challenge needs to be taken head on.  My personal view is, "you can't pretend the temptations don't exist.  We are not in a vacuum.  As soon as you're alone, you'll have to face it."

So... long story long... The Diet Cokes taunt me daily, but I am good with it now.  I am starting to crave a smoothie when I need a quick something.  All good stuff.


Holy Christ on cracker...  This one sounds like nothing.  It sounds like a warm up... It IS however extremely challenging and must be looked at (to quote coach J) "as a marathon".  The Work out of the Day (WOD) was as follows.

-10 wall balls
-10 kettle bell swings (above - wall ball / right - kettle bell)

For real?  Sounds pretty basic right.  Oh but you are so correct mi amor.  The kicker is that you have to do 10 and 10 as 1 set, and do an AMRAP(as many reps as possible) in 18 minutes.  Give it a shot for 4 minutes and tell me that is not an ass kicker of a day.

I'm glad it is over, and I gotta say whoever created the playlist for the warm up was rocking my style.  We are talking highschool MTV jams.  "California Love", "No Diggety", "Whoomp there it is", Snoop, & Dre... I mean seriously... how can you not get fired up?

Solid day all around on the fitness front.  Turkey Day bears down on us and I am looking forward to some surprise golf in the AM and then who knows.... For sure there is a Football game on Friday, and you better believe it will be covered by the Dooley Noted on scene reporter... ME!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, catch you on Friday.

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