Sunday, November 18, 2012

Combined..Day 5, Paleo Turkey Day,& Day 7

Hey Peoples,

I hope everyone's weekend went well.  If not... well sorry, but now we're talking about my stuff.  :)

Friday was chaos at work and I was seriously ready to hit the gymski at the end of the day.  The variety and strategy of crossfit is seriously the most alluring part of it.  You're having a bad day... Just get in the gym (or box as the vernacular would dictate). 

Just get it there and everybody is pulling on the same rope, both figuratively and in some cases literally.  Everyone is there with a shared goal of fitness.  It's not about quantity, but quality.  People aren't harping on you because you can only lift "X" % of your body weight.  The fact you showed up and you're working as hard as you can is enough to get a solid fist bump from everyone on the way out. 

Anyways, enough of my soapboxing... So it was a good day of paleo eating on Friday. 

We did the damned thing on the work out front and ate well.. and then... Twilight.

Thats right, my true colors of "Team Jacob" were in full swing.  I found the movie to be so/so, but i was glad to have closure on the whole ordeal.  I stand by my initial thought that any of the other female vampires are more attractive than Kristen Stewart.  Good thing he made her his wife, FOR ALL ETERNITY... Sweet decision making skills.  You wont regret that Rob (he said with the sarcasm of 10 men).


Additionally, it was paleo thanks giving on Saturday.  Surgeon General and I made our way over to the Burns' for an awesome display of Paleo friendly foods.  Lots of good athletes, good friends, and good times.  There was even a 781 field trip over to "The Stadium" for a few songs worth of dancing.  Best part about it was the band was on a 90's trip and boy o' boy do i love a band on a 90's trip. 

Thanks Burns' for hosting, and thanks to everyone else for making it a fantastic evening.


Additionally I did my 1 week weigh in and have found that after 1 week of Paleo living....  10 lbs lighter.  Thats right.  7 days.  10 lbs. The journey continues, but you can't argue with the proof in the pudding. 

So... everyone have a great week and we'll see you on the blog-o-sphere.  Gear up for regular Turkey Day and have a good one.


  1. Man, people be hating on K Stew

  2. BTW, Can I be Communications Director instead? I could write your speeches and whatnot