Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Almost killed a kid.... Accidentally of course, but totally deserved it

Good Day again fellow blogospherists....

So... almost killed a kid today.  Would've been an accident... would've been 100% the babysitter's fault... and yet I am confident I would've been run out of town on a rail...

So before I get into today's workout, I have to vent this particular frustration.... What the hell ever happened to people walking along the sides of the parking lots/rows of cars?  At what point did parents decide that would be a wasted skill to teach their children?  Because I distinctly remember severe scoldings and threatened punishments for walking in the middle of the road.  I distinctly remember being told, not only by parents but also random adults, that it was a stupid course of action.  I completely agree by the way!

Every time I drive through a parking lot or down a street, there is some group of people walking 3 or 4 abreast, taking up a lot more than just the breakdown lane, or what could reasonably be called the side of the row.  It boggles the mind what must be going through their heads at that moment.  Most likely it is nothing, because they don't exactly value their own safety... and decided that it is now everyone else's responsibility to ensure they don't get the crippling vehicular damage they so richly deserve.

You are correct that in the commonwealth the pedestrian has the right of way... and you are correct that your family can sue me for all I'm worth... all $6 and 33 cents of it.  But just to be clear, if I hit you, there is only one thing cooking in my noodle.... The voice over from the original Mortal Kombat... FINISH HIM! 

you'll win the lawsuit, but in the Darwinian sense of things... you lose... and the gene pool is stronger for it.

Side note on all this... baby sitters.... don't use the drive up at Dunks to have a teaching moment on how to ride a plastic bicycle.... The thing gets stuck on every pebble.  Take the 2 kids to a church parking lot, which is guaranteed to be empty middle of the day.  C'mon... be smarter than the machine.

Positives of the day though...

Awesome workout today.  Lots of weights lifted.  Lots of handstands practiced.  Lots of box jumps.  I like to think I wrecked it today.  Feeling good, feeling strong.  I am really feeling like I'll be in some solid beach shape this year. 

Can't wait to sun bath and not be concerned my mass is disrupting gravitational pulls and causing unsafe tidal conditions... I'm a mariner at heart and truly worry about that from time to time.

Rock on with your bad self America!

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