Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Random Rant about Local News

Howdy neighbors,

Woke up early this morning and started reading yahoo news.  There is a breaking point within me

when it comes to news.  I try to read yahoo because you only get bigger headlines.  I find that it is important only to read bigger news.  If you read all the news... well you'll want to give up on humanity in one sitting.  let me explain...

I stopped dealing with local news because it is just plain boring.  Guess what someone in New Bedford, Brockton, Roxbury, Dorchester, or Lowell area was assaulted... no kidding.  There was a fire in one of these run down towns.  Some local student is suing the school for something that everyone has had happen to them in their life, but somehow this kid feels he/she will never be the same.

It is nonsense and to be completely honest, it makes me think less of the community around me.  I am very proud to be from Massachusetts.  I love Boston and our sports scene, bars, and people in general.  Additionally everyone has a sense of heritage and pride in where they come from.  When I see the local news, they always find the dumbest person with an accent that is almost cartoonish, to just rant about how perplexed and baffled they are that something happened.  Hell... 9 out of 10 times the person is explaining how they "didn't know what was going on.  then I came outside and saw "cruis-ahs"... and I figured something was wrong."

The people always say, "he is a good kid, but he just did some horrible things." or something to that effect.  I cannot stand that phrase anymore, "he is a good kid".  We should as a society stop qualifying every person that screws up as being at one point a good kid.  Hey... you killed someone drunk driving... not a good kid.  You cracked someone in the head with a weapon.... not a good kid. The list goes on.  I think being a good kid is like virginity.  Sure you meet the qualifications right up until you do something that is.... tadaa... "not good"....  at which point you shift from being good to bad.... 

It's not like people every say... "He's a bad kid, he just did a good thing". 

So on that note... end of rant... I'm not reading anymore news this morning.  Time to calm down... tally ho and carry on.

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