Monday, May 5, 2014

Weekly Breakfast Review - Crossroads Cafe

Hey Again,

Some or all of you may know my strong feelings about breakfast... For anyone late to the party I'll make it really simple.

Breakfast is the king of all meals.  Nothing ever beats bacon... which is clearly indicated by the fact that anytime people try to make something better, they add bacon.  Can I have a burger?  Sure, you want cheese and bacon?  Have a date... do you have any Bacon wrapped dates?

All I am saying is that bacon, cheese, bread, and eggs... anyway you do them... hard pressed to be wrong.  Bottom line is that me and the Surgeon General have been trying the areas breakfast locations and I figure it is only right for me to share the knowledge I have gathered.


1) Quality of eggs, cheese, and meat (bacon, ham, sausage)
2) Quality of potato (hash brown, etc)
3) Comfortability & décor of dining area
4) Service (speed, friendliness, attentiveness)
5) Overall experience (crowd, intangibles)

Each parameter is judged on strips of bacon.  1/4, 1/2, 3/4, full strip for each parameter. 

Crossroads Café - 4 & 1/4 Strips of Bacon

Food tried - Big Breakfast sandwich, hash brown, pancake

1)  Great egg, bacon, cheese combo.  All solidly cooked. Just a little crispy.  Great combined taste.  Awarded - 1 FULL STRIP

2) Hash browns - not great... super seasoned.  tasted somewhat like they used "Old bay".  I didn't mind it because I like a lot of salt and seasoning, but I would imagine most people would find these a little off putting.  Too bad to see a good place lose so much ground over something so trivial.  Awarded - 1/4 STRIP.

3) Plenty of space for everyone to eat.  Great decorations.  A little heavy on the pictures of roosters, but not so much that I found it odd.  Good space, very homey.  Awarded (1 FULL STRIP)

4) Service was great.  Our girl was effective and very nice.  Additionally they have other girls walking around happy to answer anything or get extra water, etc.  top notch service.  Awarded - 1 FULL STRIP.

5) Overall experience very good.  Crowd was seemingly made up of good people.  No hooligans or weirdo's to speak of.  this one is easy to get the full strip, as long as your restaurant isn't giving me the heeby jeebies... awarded 1 FULL STRIP.

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