Monday, May 5, 2014

MAYTRITION continues - weekend recap

Hello everybody,

Technical complications continue to stress the team here at DooleyNoted... and by team I mean me.  For some reason the computer is having difficulty booting, staying on... and generally doing the

things that computers do. 

So circling back around to Friday... it was a crazy weekend.  On Friday I came up with a brilliant plan to get all my "benchmark" workouts in, as well as attend the bachelor party for a college friend on Saturday.  Here is how the plan went down...

Part of "Maytrition" is benchmarking strength levels.  I had to do 2 different WODs (work out of the days), that will be re-done at the end of the month to see what progress has been made.  I wasn't able to get over to the Box on Thursday, so on Friday I got in for the morning WOD.  I talked to the coach and he said  I could come in on Sunday and make up the other WOD... only issue with that being I was attending a Bachelor Party/Golf outing on Saturday.  Truthfully we all knew there would be an unfortunate hang over.

I decided to "man-up" and do both WODS on Friday.  9 am WOD as per schedule... Came home and did some yard work.  Screw yard work by the way.  I couldn't think of a worse way to spend your time... moving the decaying corpses of leaves around... well that sucks.  But meanwhile back on the ranch... I returned to the Box at 4:30 for stretching, warm up and the make up WOD.

My butt was sufficiently kicked.... so I felt completely comfortable with going out on Saturday and schooling some former classmates in Golf.  Shot a 91 at Pine Hills.  Nothing great, but at the same time not a bad showing.

Back in business on Monday (aka today) and got over to the gym for the morning WOD.  Strength day today, but I felt good to go.  Heavy weights... sore arms... ring dips... it was mayhem in my own town.  Chaos I tell you... Chaos.

Stay tuned for our newest addition to the BLOG... Periodic breakfast place reviews...  stay tuned.

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