Thursday, May 8, 2014

HumpDay Hollah: "Eye Sight vs. Mind Sight"

Have you ever heard the saying, "Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right"?

I love this saying.  It's like a cake.  A delicious cake.  With many tiers.  My tears.  The tears of a clown... a big fat clown.  A big fat clown eating cake... Wait... Let me start again....

I love this saying because it perfectly sums up the power of "Positive Thinking".  And as you can see from my first try, it doesn't take much for negative thinking to develop in your head.  When you get down to it, great sayings like that are the fundamentals of the inner dialogue. Sure, technically a monologue is one person talking, but when we're talking to ourselves, doesn't it feel more like a conversation?  I think so!  And whether that conversation is negative or positive, that inner dialogue has the power to create clear skies or foggy forecasts as you move towards any challenge.  And there's no one who loves dark clouds more than...

"Hello, I am your Negative Ninja"
Negativity Ninjas!  They are the killers!  Negativity might as well be the "Jack The Ripper" of dreams and potential.  The goal is set and all is good, but suddenly that fog rolls in and we can't see two feet in front of us...  We start to fear failure, we procrastinate, and we blame others for our circumstances, and then... SURPRISE SURPRISE... a Negativity Ninja comes up from behind and stabs us in the back!  Curse you, Foggy London Town!

I know from personal experience that once those Negativity Ninjas creep into our brains, they can quickly manifest in our personalities and wreak havoc on our lives!  When that happens, pretty soon there seems like there's only one option left:  Grab the Ben & Jerry's, Crack open your finest Box of Wine, & Search Netflix for the next compelling TV Show to ingest in three days.  When you look at it like that, Negativity Ninjas sure sound like a good excuse for giving up, but that's all they are in the end: excuses.  And on top of that, they're not even real!  There are no Negativity Ninjas creeping through Foggy London Town!  In fact, London is almost never foggy!  Seriously.  Look it up.

Still, even if they aren't real, enemies of the mind certainly feel real, don't they?  Well, lucky for me "Inception" was on the other night and it reminded me of something important:  Don't let someone else touch your totem or you won't be able to tell the difference between the dream world and reality.  Good to know.  But this lesson is probably more relevant:
Eye Sight is what we think we see.  
Mind Sight is what we think about what we see. 

"I am Totem-ly confused right now..." 
Given the great difference between a successful outcome and a dismal failure, it's crazy that it all begins with something as similar as eye sight vs. mind sight.  When it comes to Eye Sight, believing only what you hear and see is dangerous because other people's opinions dictate your worth.  It might seem harmless, but who knows what kind of battle they are fighting inside their head?  Mind sight, on the other hand, is the act of analyzing your situation, putting a positive spin on things, and finding constructive ways to change your circumstances.  Like Les Brown said "Other people's opinions of you do not have to become your reality."  So there you have it!  Trust the Mind Sight and don't believe the Lying Eyes... just think of how many times they've told you "Yeah!  You definitely won't regret eating that whole pizza!" or "No!  Jeggings are totally acceptable attire for the workplace..."     

Well, that's all for this week, folks!  But before I go, let me say a huge "THANK YOU!!!" to all of you who signed up for "The 24 Day Pool Prep Challenge!"  Get ready to look good & feel good as we slim down & shape up for Summah 2014!  Woot woot!  What's that?  You didn't sign up for the Challenge in time?  Why not join the AdvoCare craze just for you?  Feel free to hit me up for more info by messaging me or click the link in top left corner of this page for more details!  

Until next week:  Erika Out!

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