Thursday, May 26, 2011

THE HANGOVER 2 IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok... so first things first. 

I did fight through the "unmotivated feelings of lets take a nap" and got out there and hit the roads.  It was another cooker out there though.  By Philly standards anyways... it was about 86. 

Anyways, I did a 2 miler followed by some calisthenics and then a mile and a half walk.  Felt good to fight the urge to call it a day... Plus a few activity points helped on my daily tracker.  I completely imploded today at lunch and chicken fingers, which are about 4 million points.  God save the children.

Speaking of holy saviors... hows about a theatrical thursday nod to the upcoming hilarity that will be "the hangover 2".

I have extremely high hopes for this movie.  I loved the first one and I find it hard to believe the 2nd will top the original, but I am still pulling for a close race.  Rarely does a sequel surpass its original form, but hey there is always that long shot right? 

Anyways.  I highly encourage everyone to get out there and check this movie out.  "hangover 2" in theatres 12:01 tonight.  boyakasha.

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